Friday, November 14, 2008

An Update for Movie Buffs

For those of you who may not realize our subtle (okay, maybe not so subtle) play on words ... the name of our blog "30 days of light" is a twist to the title of the movie "30 days of night". This movie (if you haven't seen it) is set in Barrow, Alaska - which becomes the target of a vampire invasion when the sun sets for the final time in winter. For those of us who have been to Barrow, it is fun to watch the movie and pick apart all the inaccuracies (e.g. there are NO mountains unlike the scenery shown in the movie ... and you CAN actually get a flight out when it is dark). For those who haven't been to Barrow ... well ... it's just a bad vampire movie.

But alas, 30 Days of Night will now have a sequel!!!! According to the Internet Movie Database ... a (likely direct to dvd) sequel is in the works ...

I wonder if they'll consider getting rid of the mountains this time around?