Friday, May 14, 2010

New Group Website

Hi all ...

Just a quick update - for anyone who might be interested, we have migrated our Villanova Research Group website to Google. Although I certainly love Villanova, they don't make managing your website an easy matter ... so I took things into my own hands and simply moved to a place that does!

Check us out at:

We'll be updating the site quite a bit over the next few weeks, including new pics (our group pic is a bit old) and videos. We will be making videos using a great tool I was introduced to called Animoto! Check out the inaugural video on the Welcome page!

Happy blogging!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

In the Spotlight

Well, since we're not in the field at the moment, updates are few and far between. But, please take the time to check out another site: The site is being developed by Peter Lourie (an author and storyteller extraordinaire) and contains all sorts of information, videos, pics, stories and science related to the Arctic.

If you click on the "videos" link, there are a number of videos from people who live and do research in the Arctic ... from Inupiaq hunters, to wildlife biologists, to atmospheric scientists. Not to self-promote ... but I'm in there too, under the science link. :)

We continue chugging away at sample analysis and are (almost) done with that, at which point I'll get another update posted asap. So in the meantime, peruse the Arctic stories at