Friday, February 29, 2008

Shipping Day

Well, today was the big day! The freight company came to take away our equipment and send it off to Barrow. All 1500 pounds or so of it! After many days of packing and sealing and bubblewrapping, our "stuff" is on its way by truck to Seattle, then a ship to Anchorage, then a plane to Barrow.

We have put together a small video of today's events. Please check it out on YouTube:

We'll also post something here once we get the QuickTime Video ...

Enjoy the video!



Aubrey Cavender said...

Hi everyone! I hope you guys have a great time up there; I am jealous and wish I could come along, maybe as a "consultant"? For those of you who don't know, I was in Barrow during the Spring of 2005, so I have passed alot of what I remember on to Amanda - I hope it all helped!

Enjoy yourselves, work hard, and pack lots of liquor!


Dr G said...

Hi Aubrey,

Your helpful insights did indeed make our planning a lot easier. Our high purity gases were delivered without incident and our equipment is on its way without a hitch. Now, shipping the chemicals up has been an entirely different story, but that is due solely to the incompetence of Sigma Aldrich ...

I have no comment as to the "wet" or "dry" nature of our voyage. ;)