Thursday, May 8, 2008

The grass is always greener ... in Pennsylvania

Although I tried clicking my Sorel boots three times, that just didn't work to transport me home. Unfortunately it took about 20 hours of flying/layover time to get myself back to Pennsylvania. Yes, I've abandoned Ian and Glenn to return home and catch up on some work things, process some of our samples, and go to Villanova's graduation. I'll be back in Barrow in about 2 weeks and will bring along undergraduate researcher Ali Bausch.

During all that travel time, and now that I'm home, I've had a bit of time to think about Barrow and the lower 48. Here are some of my musings:

1.) Trees are great!
2.) Pollen is not so great. (note to self: stock up on Claritin and Benadryl to combat allergies)
3.) Flying into both NYC and DC, I flew right through a thick blanket of smog. Didn't notice any smog when landing in Barrow!
4.) Ahhhh, yes, that unique smell of the mulch used by Villanova's groundskeeping crew.
5.) After getting used to traveling in a Ford F250 4x4, driving my Mitsubishi Galant felt a little bit like driving a skateboard with a motor.
6.) I hate traffic.
7.) After being acclimated to 10 degree Barrow weather, the 75 degree Philly weather feels like being thrown into a scene from Dante's Inferno.
8.) Although it's a chic decorating touch, it is no longer necessary to duct tape towels to the windows to keep the sun out.
9.) Sunsets are great!
10.) Bees are great little creatures - until they bite you!
11.) It's nice to be able to dress in a single layer again.
12.) It's a weird feeling to go on a long distance trip and not need to sign out a snowmachine or make arrangements for a bear guard.
13.) Going out to eat now means I actually have to pay. (Restaurants around here just won't accept a BASC card as proper form of payment ... darn!)
14.) Gassing up the vehicle also means I actually have to pay (...and I had to do it myself!)
15.) I don't have to call to have my sewer pumped. Cool.
16.) The smell of fresh cut grass is just about the best smell in the world.
17.) I can't walk to work anymore. :(
18.) I have to cook for myself now.
19.) Real mattress > air mattress
20.) It is great to have more than 2 radio channels to choose from.
21.) TV on demand is awesome!
22.) No offense Ian and Glenn, but it's nice to have a bathroom I don't have to share!

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