Friday, February 13, 2009

High-Temperature Exposure Testing

Now that Alexis and Dr G. have arrived in Barrow, it is safe to reveal the true intentions of those lab members who stayed behind at Villanova.

We are conducting a series of experiments into the effects of extreme temperatures on the structural integrity of photochemistry ampules. This previously unpublished image shows the deformation resulting from 3 hours of exposure to a temperature of 850 degrees C. There are no current plans to repeat this procedure, as it has been clearly demonstrated to be a REALLY BAD IDEA.

(For the record, let it be known that this misadventure... er...experiment was completely unpremeditated and that there appears to be no lasting damage done to the muffle furnace. The ampules were not so fortunate.)


Dr G said...

Wow ... fun! I can see I have left the lab in good hands! :)

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