Saturday, August 13, 2011

Long Overdue Update

In case anyone is still keeping track ... it has been a while since we have had an update on the blog ... mainly because our major fieldwork efforts concluded in 2009. But, a few of our goals have been realized from a science standpoint ... a few papers have been published based on our fieldwork, and three more are currently in review. We also gathered a wealth of information that is now serving as the basis for continuing lab experiments and student thesis projects.

For those science geeks out there like us ... here are the citations for our published work based on Barrow fieldwork results:

Photochemical processing of aldrin and dieldrin in frozen aqueous solutions under Arctic field conditions. GA Rowland, AR Bausch, and AM Grannas. Environmental Pollution, 159, 1076-1084, 2011.

A solid-phase chemical actinometer film for measurement of solar UV penetration into snowpack. GA Rowland and AM Grannas. Cold Regions Science and Technology, 66, 75-83, 2011.

We'll have a few more updates coming this fall ... I (Dr. G) will be returning to Barrow in October to do some outreach/service work, accompanied by a Philadelphia area high school teacher as well as an undergraduate research student. We will be there about a week, and plan to post updates and info here on the blog.

Thanks for keeping tabs on us!

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