Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Back to Barrow!!!

To those fans who continue to check occasionally for updates to the blog, our long hiatus is over! Here are some updates:

1.) The big news is that we'll be going BACK TO BARROW! We'll be participating in an upcoming atmospheric chemistry measurement campaign called OASIS. (see: This time it will just be me and graduate student Alexis Torres. We'll be in the field from February 15 to April 15, 2009. Look out Barrow, here we come!

2.) I think we've all finally acclimated to being back in the lower 48. Ian is working through the analysis of all our air/snow/ice samples and things are working well. Ali is in her senior year and classes and research are keeping her busy. Glenn is back to lab photochemistry experiments and trying to identify the products we found during experiments in Barrow. Bill is working on high school curriculum development centered around environmental chemistry. And me, well, I've got my nose in all of it. But honestly, I think they just keep me around to sign the purchase orders. :)

As planning advances and more exciting things happen as we prepare for the OASIS campaign, we'll be adding new blog entries, pics, etc. Please keep coming back to visit, and feel free to leave comments and send the link to our blog to friends/family/colleagues.

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