Monday, June 30, 2008

The Eagle Has Landed...

After a long journey Thursday night to Friday afternoon, the eagle (me) finally landed (in D.C.). I spent the weekend with my sister (who had so kindly agreed to babysit my car for me), and then made the final drive to Philly yesterday. Today I made my way back to Villanova's campus ... all the way being reminded how much I hate traffic and the need to commute to work. Walking to work was so much more my style!

The time zone and climate adjustments are going to take some time. I'm finding the warm temps that others feel are "comfortable" to be swealtering. I almost stuck my head in the freezer last night to cool off, but decided against that since I'd waste so much energy keeping the door open. If only I owned a chest freezer I could just crawl into from time to time ... :o)

I am, however, enjoying the dark nights and other unique aspects of being home ... like fire flies and thunderstorms. The photo below shows the dark outline of the trees lining my street and a few blurry street and driveway lights ... what many take for granted on a daily basis (i.e. sunsets) I now hold in very high regard!

Our equipment is on its way back to us now ... as are the samples that we'll be busily processing for the rest of the summer and into the fall. We'll post updates as exciting (and not so exciting) things happen. The first order of business is to get everyone safely back to PA after their well deserved post-fieldwork vacations.

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