Friday, March 27, 2009

Blogging for the Discovery Channel

Well, it seems we've made it big now ... I've been asked to blog for the Discovery Channel about the life and times of a researcher in the Arctic! Check out the link below to the blog site for our field campaign.

A lot of the entries are pretty similar to the ones you'll see here. But with information on multiple blogs (also check out the OASIS blog link, at right), perhaps we can better reach the masses with our harrowing tales of braving the elements and fighting off polar bears in the name of science.

Okay, yes, I realize that last bit was a HUGE exaggeration ... but didn't it sound exciting!?!


Conni said...

That's pretty awesome! Congrats!

(Also, 'Nova beat Dook, yay. Not that I follow b-ball, but I'm a UNC grad, so.)

cammyeg said...

Wooohooo! Those of us who love the Arctic and follow what information we can find (though, I'm sorry to say, have just recently found yours but am following closely now) are so happy for you. The sacrifices you guys make and the hardships and extremes you endure should be seen by everyone. The Discovery Channel is so popular, maybe this is a step toward protecting our natural resources.