Sunday, March 1, 2009

In Like a Lion

March came in like a lion here in Barrow, Alaska. We woke up today to -15F temps, with a wind chill of -46F. We had a blizzard warning and gale force winds since Friday ... there have been no flights in since Friday morning either ... so those scientists hoping to go home over the weekend are changing their plans accordingly. The BASC parking lot is one big snow drift and it was only by luck that we were able to find a parking spot near a plug-in for the truck.

Here you can see the drift behind the van, up to its bumper.

Here you can see that the snow is up to almost the top of the bed of the truck parked at the end of the building.

Here is a short video of the blowing snow and wind conditions, filmed on 2-28...

But, if March came in like a lion ... maybe it will go out like a lamb???

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