Wednesday, March 12, 2008

GC on the High Seas

After a cross-country road trip, our equipment now finds itself on a ship, making its way to Anchorage. We are eagerly anticipating its arrival in Anchorage and subsequent departure via air to Barrow. We wait now with bated breath, as there are currently storm warnings and gale warnings for the northern Pacific (see for current marine forecasts). Eek! Please everyone, cross your fingers that our GC (the main piece of equipment that will keep our science going) makes it across the high seas in one (functioning) piece!

I should mention that I am perhaps adding a bit of melodrama to this part of the voyage. Our resident sailing expert (Maggie Kennedy, a U.S. Coast Guard member who is a grad student here) says the forecasted 23 ft seas and 40 KT winds are nothing to worry about. I will trust the expert.

We now have just a few days left here at Villanova, and it's off to Barrow. We're frantically trying to finish up all those last little things that need to be done before heading off on a field study...things like last minute experiments, shipping those few forgotten items, arranging for cars and houses and pets and plants and such to be taken care of while we're gone, and of course, our own packing!

Finally, thanks to everyone for all the wishes of "good luck" and "have fun" and "don't get eaten by a polar bear". We'll do our best!

Dr. G

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