Saturday, March 22, 2008

Lab sweet lab

Today we will finish unloading the rest of our lab supplies. We have been fortunate enough to acquire 2 separate lab spaces in 2 different locations. The first lab will be our instrument lab located at BASC (Barrow Arctic Science Consortium) in building 360. The BASC facilities are what remains from the old Naval Arctic Research Labs or NARL.

The second lab will be located in BARC (Barrow Arctic Research Center, image below) a new state-of-the-art research facility.

Our early arrival has allowed us to be the center of attention here at BASC. Everyone has gone out of their way to help us through our initial neediness while we get our lab set up. We are starting to feel settled in and look forward to getting our experiments underway. Check out the unpacking montage below!
This is where we also get to "edit" old posts... just to see whether anyone is paying attention...


barrowunderground said...

I would say 'dont take this the wrong way'.....but honestly, its the only way. They did not jump for joy to help you, they were jumping thru hoops because if they didnt, they would be fired. I know Barrow all too well, from contractor to researchers to management, its all connected. You might have noticed this by now. Some of them got paid overtime, most didnt. Your resources were robbed in part from other areas.

Dr G said...

Thank you for the insight. Although I do appreciate the fact that people are "paid" to help and that it's their "job", I also don't overlook the courtesy of a well-placed "thank you" when our needs are met in a timely manner and with a smile on top of that. I've worked in other Arctic research stations and I have to say, Barrow really is the "Hilton" of the places I've been.