Thursday, March 6, 2008

Introducing our newest team member...

The Villanova Team is pleased to welcome a new member on board.

Barnaby K. Longbottom (a.k.a. Beaker) has, after thorough deliberation and due process, been promoted from lowly Lab Hanger-On to full-blown Intrepid Polar Adventurer. The team is sure that his fearless - some would say reckless - disregard for personal safety will make him an invaluable contributor to our endeavors in Barrow.

Beaker - already spotted hard at work!

Beaker says...
"While you're here, check out our new link to Ilisagvik College's daily announcements and dining room menu. It's just below the weather on the right. Since we're going to eat most of our meals at Ilisagvik, I'll be checking here every day. Tonight we're having Tim's Bean Soup (again). Mmmmmmm, tasty!!!!"
Cheers, Frosty

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