Friday, April 18, 2008

As Seen on TV

This week, a Brazilian film crew was working in Barrow for their version of the show "60 minutes". (Or at least, that was the closest analogy they could come up with). The lead reporter, Ana Paula Padrao is Brazil's version of Diane Sawyer/Barbara Walters/Christiane Amanpour. They interviewed several people here at BASC, including the facility's executive director (Glenn Sheehan), science coordinator (Steve Hastings) and our group. They spent several hours with us and went into the field and videoed our work and interviewed us about our project, its relation to climate change and the ramifications of pollution for the indigenous peoples here in the Arctic. The show is to air in Brazil sometime in late May or early June, of course translated to Portuguese. We were excited to be involved in the show and it gave us quite the ego boost to be told our project is "fascinating" and would be of great interest to their Brazilian audience.

Now, if we only spoke Portuguese!

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Egnaldo said...

We are just waiting to watch the first part of the show tomorrow.
Egnaldo, Goiania, Brasil.