Monday, April 14, 2008

Dr. Bill's Quick Update

Well, I’ve been here in beautiful Barrow, Alaska for a week now. I wasn’t out of the airport, in the cold, for more than 5 minutes before I decided to grow a beard! It can be so very cold. The clothing that the Barrow Arctic Science Consortium lent to me is fantastic. I wore it “snowmachining” on a morning when it was minus 22 degrees and didn’t even notice the cold (too much). Last night, I went out to help a Villanova team member gather samples. I wore my Pennsylvania ready winter clothes and froze!

We begin our webcasts to Bristol High School 3rd period on Tuesday. Our guest will be Mr. Lewis Brower, a member of the local Inupiaq community. He will speak on local history and culture. On Wednesday, I will host a webcast discussion of the status of Bristol High School’s iron study. On Thursday, the Villanova group, an extraordinary band of young scientists, has agreed to webcast a discussion of their projects dealing with the photochemistry of pesticides in the Arctic snow.


Mom of Three said...

Any way you can post that lecture on YouTube? I'm sure more than 3rd period would really like to know more!

Dr. Bill said...

I'm sorry, but the stream is 30 or more minutes long and meant to be live and interactive with my students at Bristol High School. YouTube etc will not post such a long stream. Are there any questions that you have that I can forward to Lewis?