Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Happy Earth Day

Today is Earth Day! We discussed how best to celebrate this event here in Barrow. Some of the ideas we came up with (and reasons they ended up being not such good ideas for Barrow):

1.) Plant a tree.
This won't work, unfortunately, because trees can't grow in Barrow. The growing season is too short and the permafrost prevents the extensive root system trees need to survive.

2.) Pick up trash along the beach.
This won't work, because the beach is currently covered in a few feet of snow.

3.) Cut back the thermostat.
Are you kidding? It's freaking freezing here!

4.) Open your windows to let in the fresh air of Mother Nature.
See #3.

5.) Take the bus/subway/train to work.
Sorry, no train, subway or buses in Barrow. You could snowmachine, though! Even better - tie up a sled to pull behind it and "carpool" with your buddies hanging on for dear life in the back.

6.) Convert to solar power.
Why, that's a brilliant idea for May to August! Not such a good idea for November to March.

7.) Exercise outdoors in order to really appreciate Mother Nature.
Sure - I'll just throw on my sneakers, shorts and a tee and jog along the beach. Nothing better than a good dose of frostbite in the morning! It really wakes you up!

8.) Wait until the evening to mow the lawn, especially on "unhealthy air" days.
No problem there! No lawns to mow up here!

9.) Keep your tires properly inflated to reduce wear and increase gas mileage.
Great idea ... I'll get to that right after I fix the flat caused by this unpaved road here!

10.) Weatherize and insulate your home.
Really? I'd never have thought about that up here, where it is 30 below!

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