Friday, June 27, 2008

The Eagle has Left the Nest ...

The group in Barrow is now down to two members ... Glenn and Ali. I left Barrow on Thursday evening. For a while I was wondering if the flight would leave - the morning departure was cancelled due to fog and it barely lifted before the evening plane needed to land. But, land it did, and I was on Alaska Air Flight 52, which departed Barrow a little after 9 pm.

Wednesday night we celebrated my final night in Barrow with dinner (and dessert) at Brower's Cafe. There is a painting of a polar bear in the restaurant, so we decided that we'd have to face the fact that the painting would be the closest we'd get to a photo op of a polar bear. So we took a few shots with our "stand in" polar bear on Wednesday night.

But as luck would have it, Barrow had one last surprise in store for us ... the day of my departure ... I FINALLY saw a POLAR BEAR! A call came in from the Wildlife Department that a polar bear was spotted just off the beach by the Napa Auto Parts store (about 1 mile from BASC). Our good friend Nok called us at the lab and said to grab our cameras, he'd be over in a minute to pick us up in the truck and drive us out to see it. He knew we were all disappointed that we hadn't seen a polar bear. Thanks Nok for thinking about us and getting us that one last chance to see a bear!!!

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