Friday, June 13, 2008

San Francisco Exploratorium

A team from the San Francisco Exploratorium (a really cool hands-on science museum!) has been in Barrow for the past few weeks speaking with, photographing, videoing and interviewing the researchers here in Barrow in an effort to get a feel for the types of work going on in the Arctic and how Arctic research can impact people from all walks of life. Their efforts are then turned into "Ice Stories: Dispatches from Polar Scientists". Check it out at:

Both Glenn and I were interviewed, with a webcast sent back live to the Exploratorium. You can view our webcasts by visiting:

Go to the area marked "Recent Programs" on the right. You'll find Glenn's interview under the title of "Snow Chemistry" (date: 6/6/2008) and my interview under the title of "Impact of Pollutants on Snow and Ice" (date: 6/13/2008).

Although my presentation was on Friday the 13th, no misfortunes came about during the webcast. (Whew!)

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